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your analytical mind through play

Do you struggle with...

(or have you been told you struggle with)...

  • anxiety?

  • beating yourself up over mistakes?

  • letting go of the need to control?

  • perfectionism and making mistakes?

  • creativity?

  • embodiment?

  • emotional intelligence?

  • giving people the benefit of the doubt?

  • handling conflict?

  • expressing disagreements without triggering others?

  • taking risks?

  • thinking on your feet?

  • being present?

  • listening deeply?

  • trusting your intuition?

  • conveying your ideas?

  • judging yourself and others?

  • applying therapy or mindfulness practices to real life?

  • feeling at ease socially?

  • flexible thinking?

  • convincing others
    even when you're right?

Learn to play...

to learn

(and have a great time
while you're at it)

Our world has shaped our minds to look for what's wrong and avoid mistakes.

This makes us good at analytical tasks.

But without an
equal and opposite
force, we can start
to feel lopsided. 

Practicing play can refactor your mind to make it more balanced and creative.


Through cracking jokes with new friends, you will actually be practicing...

  • calming your inner critic

  • finding and choosing to follow the joy

  • the mental muscle of playfulness

  • finding your authentic voice

  • balancing authenticity with agreeableness

  • seeing mistakes as opportunities (and even gifts!)


We promise not to spam you!

This is just to let you know when we have classes coming up, and for us to get to know what people would like to see out of their classes.


This isn't usually my thing...

These workshops are designed for people who are stepping out of their comfort zone. The only prerequisite is to be willing to try to self improve. 

Can I bring my friend?

Yes. In fact, if you sign up with a friend you can both receive 25% off!

What if I hate it?

We are happy to learn how we can improve the workshops. If you let us know what wasn't working for you, we can prorate the rest of the workshop series.

I have plans I can't move for one of the weeks.

We can work around your schedule with a make up class or even a quick zoom catch-up.

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